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La Princesse du Pacifique by Mindfucking La Princesse du Pacifique by Mindfucking
I can imagine that, at first sight, you will see this as the "nth" representation of the split within a person's soul; if you want to think this way, probably this idea is correct.

Besides, with this I'm representing something that is straightly personal, and this is the reason why I chose to wait for weeks, even if I have had this concept in my mind for about a month, to get a good photo of me and use myself as the model.

I imagine the Pacific in two different ways:

1- tropical shores, palm trees, white sand, long-lasting days, cheerfully coloured sunsets, the wind that blows in your hair bringing a smell of happyness all over the air;
I listened to Deep Forest's music in the last days, particularly Sweet Lullaby and the songs from the album Pacifique. I always find myself wondering how much bliss would be for me to be on those shores, like I were in haste to enjoy the lightest years of my life.

Omnem, credem, diem tibi deluxisse supremum
«Believe that everyone of your days shone bright like it had to be the last one»

2- huge cities along the coast, always shining and never sleeping in the endless nights, developing with the fast pace of technology, where millions of people live so close to one another, yet everyone of them never felt so alone;
this is to be linked with my strong cyberpunk attitudine, the longing for the future that, I know, will bring sorrow and desolation (and also a bit of vampirism, I think), a feeling which sees its roots deep into my psychology, though I never succeded in understanding why.

And because I strongly feel to belong to both of them, and because of their radical difference, I cannot help but feel the cut from which this personal situation originated.
I think that, at least once in my life, I'm bound to visit both of them and try to understand more about me.

We, paradoxically, need to know and explore what we have around, in order to know ourselves. Yet, if we are not able to succeed in knowing and comprehending what we are, we will never be able to understand the Universe.

Tropical Beach: Palm trees [link] by ~SimplyBackgrounds; Sea [link] from []; Sand [link] by ~shadowh3;
Stone: [link] by ~Raine-Stock1314;
Night city: City [link] from []; Coast texture [link] from []; Sky [link] by ~Peristrophe (my own sky *o*);
Girl: [link] (me, me, me!!) by ~Peristrophe
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Pawkeet Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Student Photographer
Great concept and incredible editing! I love the sparkling city lights <3
Mindfucking Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010
Thank you *___* I love cities' night lights too X)
Pawkeet Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010  Student Photographer
Mindfucking Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
Converse1172 Featured By Owner May 31, 2009
Mindfucking Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2009
And also thanks for the :+fav: !!
Converse1172 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
No probs. Its what I do.
Mindfucking Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2009
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